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The cloud server provides various instance types such as general-purpose, computing, and memory-based, adapting to diversified business needs

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The cloud server provides a variety of instance types such as general-purpose, computing, and memory to meet diversified business needs

Model Number of Cores CPU RAM Disk Bandwidth IPs VLan MAC


16Core Threads 32 E5-2698 V3 32G DDR4 800G SSD CIA/CDIA/GIA 3 IP Share Allow 1
USD$243.00 / Monthly
90 Available


36Core Threads 72 E5-2686 V4*2 64G DDR4 800G SSD CIA/CDIA/GIA 3 Share Allow 1
USD$457.00 / Monthly
12 Available


20Core Threads 40 Gold 6138 32G DDR4 800G SSD 1G/10G GIA 3 Share Allow 1
USD$1285.00 / Monthly
193 Available


4Core Threads 4 E3 16G DDR3 1T SATA CIA/CDIA/GIA 3 Share Allow 1
USD$171.00 / Monthly
24 Available


10Core Threads 20 E5-2650L V2 32G DDR3 480G SSD CIA/CDIA/GIA 3 Share Allow 1
USD$228.00 / Monthly
71 Available


16Core Threads 32 E5-2650 V2*2 64G DDR3 800G SSD CIA/CDIA/GIA 3 Share Allow 1
USD$385.00 / Monthly
87 Available


32+Core Threads 64+ AMD EPYC™ 256G DDR4 1.9TB*4 SSD CIA/CDIA /25 IP Dedicated Unlimited
USD$1670.00 / Monthly
54 Available


36Core Threads 72 Xeon E5-2686 V4 *2 256G DDR4 800G SSD*8 CIA/CDIA/GIA /25 IP Dedicated Unlimited
USD$1313.00 / Monthly
37 Available


32 Core Threads 64 E5-2698V3 *2 64G DDR4 800G SSD CIA / CDIA 3 Share Allow 1
USD$1145.00 / Monthly
3 Available


32Core Threads 64 AMD EPYC™ *2 64G DDR4 800G SSD CIA / CDIA 3 Share Allow 1
USD$1499.00 / Monthly
7 Available

    Why choose CTGServer's Cloud Cart?

    • speed

      Faster Time-To-Value

      Simplify management through self-service and multi-tenant support.

    • Database

      High Availability

      Automatically recover systems from server or component failure.

    • Complete efficiency

      Better Server Performance

      Get the most of your infrastructure resources with virtualization and highly-scalable storage.

    Cost effective

    Cost-effective/Dedicated The best of both worlds!

    Get much more power, scalability and flexibility of the dedicated resources that suits your growing business needs, with full root access that offers complete control for developers, designers and system administrators. All of which at a budget-friendly cost!

    vps full control
    Looking for advanced control?
    • Full Control with Root/Administrator Access

    • Floating IPv4

    • Control Panels Selection Available

    • Dedicated resources

    • Resources Scalability

    • KVM Virtualization

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