End-to-end International Private Leased Circuit service

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Key Features

  • Unified Standard

    SDH transmission system has a unified frame structure digital transmission standard rate and standard line interface in the world.

  • Service Security

    Customer exclusive bandwidth, high security.

  • Multi-Service Bearer

    Transparently transmit upper layer services, capable of carrying multiple media such as data, voice and video.

  • Rate Diversity

    IPLC private line communication rate can be arbitrarily selected from 2Mbps, 45Mbps, 155Mbps, 622Mbps, 2.5Gbps, 10Gbps and other rates according to needs.

  • Easy to manage and easy to maintain

    Arrange abundant overhead bits in SDH frame structure (accounting for about 5% of signal), strong network operation, maintenance and management (OAM) capability.

  • Network Availability

    Network availability of 99.98% or higher in key customer demand areas.

  • International Network

    China Telecom International has rich sea and land cable transmission resources and global IPLC service stations, which can help customers connect all over the world.

  • Network Monitoring

    Continuously expanding network point of presence (PoP) plan, which can facilitate network access and network monitoring.

  • Service Guarantee

    China Telecom Global has the world's leading network disaster recovery service to ensure uninterrupted network.

  • Leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) Commitment

    Strict SLA commitments covering delay monitoring, mean time to repair (MTTR), service delivery date commitments, etc.

  • Flexibility and Adjustability

    Variety of access methods and flexible methods. Global planning, design and connection within a specific time.

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