AMD Instinct™ MI100 Accelerator GPU Server

  • Monday, 12th June, 2023
  • 19:01pm

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The AMD Instinct™ MI100 Accelerator GPU is AMD's latest high-performance computing accelerator, offering the following advantages:

  1. High Performance: The AMD Instinct™ MI100 utilizes the CDNA architecture, delivering exceptional compute power and efficiency. With up to 7680 compute units (Stream Processors), it provides massive parallel compute capabilities, accelerating various workloads including scientific computations, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

  2. Advanced Mixed Precision: The Instinct™ MI100 supports mixed-precision calculations, including FP32, FP16, and INT4, enabling accelerated computation while maintaining high accuracy. This provides higher performance for a wide range of applications.

  3. Innovative Infinity Fabric Technology: The Instinct™ MI100 leverages AMD's Infinity Fabric technology for efficient communication between multiple GPUs, enhancing parallel computing and large-scale workload acceleration.

  4. Powerful Memory and Storage Capabilities: The Instinct™ MI100 is equipped with 32GB of high-bandwidth and low-latency HBM2E memory. This enables efficient processing of large datasets and complex models, accelerating data access and processing speed.

  5. Support for Open Standards: The Instinct™ MI100 supports open-standard software environments, such as ROCm (Radeon Open Compute), allowing developers to utilize familiar programming frameworks and increasing development efficiency.

  6. High Reliability and Security: The Instinct™ MI100 offers reliability and security features, including ECC (Error Correcting Code) memory protection and Secure Boot technology, ensuring data integrity and system security.

In summary, the AMD Instinct™ MI100 Accelerator GPU offers exceptional compute performance, mixed-precision support, high-speed memory, multi-GPU collaboration capabilities, and compatibility with open standards. It is an ideal choice for high-performance computing, machine learning, and other demanding workloads.

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